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Mystical Sword

Mystical Sword

This is a very special weapon indeed. And is much more than initially meets the eye!
I’m very proud of the blade of this sword. It is exactly the right shape and size. I really felt I nailed this drawing based on my original idea. It was one of the earliest pieces from my ‘pencil phase’ which I haven’t returned to for a while (I don’t have a sharpener). It is straight as a ruler, and the curve to the right at the top is perfect. Again, I’ve gone for the loads of small lines to make one big line, but this time the edge helps explain what makes this sword so special. It exists in other dimensions!
The blade shimmers between the dimensions, sometimes in our world, sometimes in some hellish mirror-world where giant beetles sit on the throne with human women as their concubines (though they may actually have penises themselves in this hellish place), sometimes in some realm completely un-imaginable by the human eye. Inspired by the works of German mathematician David Hilbert (suspiciously English name for a kraut, but you can’t argue with his logic), I agree that there are literally an infinite amount of dimensions out there. I haven’t read all of his entry on Wikipedia but I’ve read enough to believe there is not a chance of any other amount of dimensions being out there. This theory poses one major problem though: How is a blade going to be of any use when it is only in any one dimension for an infinitely small amount of time? Well the answer is quite simple really- “our” dimension (I am down to a shortlist of names for my universe BTW, more on that next post) is the “anchor” which all other dimensions pass through and as such the blade is “anchored” to it, and has to pass through it EACH TIME it wants to travel to another one, effectively doubling the amount of time it spends here. The blade was created here at one microsecond past the dawn of time by a meteorite spirit landing on the planet. One mathematician friend has pointed out that an infinitely small amount of time multiplied by two is still infinitely small, but we can disregard that to be honest. In this dimension, mathematicians are looked on with suspicion and scorn but the magic-embracing peoples, and as such are mainly outcasts and have been the victims of a great many pogroms. Mathematics be gone! ;-p
Anyway back to the sword – the blade is long and straight, and the curve at the top shows that this is an exotic weapon from a far off land (the meteor landed far away), and yes that is blood at the top- but from which creature one can never be sure! Though here it’s a bear. You can actually see a snap of electricity to the right of the blade as it crackles and pops into yet another dimension. The crossguard has an aura around it, again supporting the idea that it travels between dimensions- this would shimmer in a film or TV show, or a GAME (hint hint guys I know you’re reading). Watch out though – looking into the cross guard can make you go blind and sick as it contains an infinite amount of rings, and here’s the twist, each one contains a new dimension! So is the sword within the universe? Or the other way around?! I’ll leave that for you to work out (but I’ll probably decide in a later blog).
The handle has dots which represents orbits.
Actually I’ve decided that, although I like this sword a great deal (see para 1), it’s too powerful as it stands. I want one of the other ones to be my ‘ultimate sword’. It doesn’t even have a name. So actually it’s just gemstone in the crossguard. But it does still go to other dimensions.


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