Welcome to the world of Shagina

The Eye-Seer

The Eye-Seer

Picture the world in which all my swords exist. One large coherent planet, with countries, cultures, histories, gods, kings, wars, and food and song and intrigue and prostitutes.
Now picture a computer RPG, where small parts of some of these great countries, halls and battlefields are visitable. The snow-capped hills of RockTreeSnow, the great civilised halls of the Human Lands. The decadent underwater halls of the mermen (plus many more to be revealed).
All the blades I have shared with you thus far have been common swords, ten-a-penny, which the player could pick up a great number of (weight permitting of course – lol at the thought of carrying more than one Giants Blade), and sell to the nearest merchant.
The EyeSeer is the first “Unique Weapon” in this realm. For the uninitiated, that means there is only one of its kind. In a computer RPG (CRPG, or “RPG”), this is the sort of shit the player holds on to. And in this case, you can clearly see why!
Let’s start with the obvious: This blade contains not one but 3 living eyes (but it’s actually closer to 6 because it’s the same on the other side). These are kept alive by some infernal curse, and blink and look around and, sometimes, cry. They allow the wielder to ‘see’ in 3 (or 6) dimensions. But not dimensions as we mere earth-dwellers understand them. In this world, dimensions are more than just height, length, and size. The three (6) dimensions here are: Danger, Awareness, and Hell.
Danger, the middle eye: When the wielder looks through the Danger eye, he can see all dangers around him. This could be traps, bad animals, situational hazards such as cliffs or snowstorms, or, if his perception is high enough, traitors, chancers, thieves and just general bastards. These dangers would probably glow red in an RPG. You can tell it is the danger eye because it has dark lines around it, indicating that it is evil. It is also bloodshot.
Awareness: Quite similar to some of dangers traits. It will show the player the traitors, but also things like chests in dungeons, doors, merchants, doors etc. Basically all the non-dangerous “interactive” elements of the world, but also some of the dangerous ones as well. It can see through walls. This eye is embedded within the blade itself. As you can see it is wide open and has a cat-like iris for added awareness.
Hell: This would be the killer feature of my game, which sets it apart from certain other big name RPG’s. In my world, hell doesn’t exist underground, or in some handy alternative dimension, but rather it exists 1 millisecond ahead of us. At all times. Imagine, just one millisecond into the future, all hell exists. Being able to see one millisecond ahead, you’d see tortured souls, wasted cities, destroyed countries and farms. Loads of dead bodies of animals and men. Probably torture and, I’m sad to say, rape. With the eye’seer, the wielder can peer into this tormented future, and go adventuring in there. There’s lots of high-level (read: strong) enemies, as well as some kick-ass loot. The hell-eye is in the pommel, and you can see by it’s 1000-yard stare that it has seen some horrible sights.
As a blade itself, the eyese’er is pretty standard fare. The blade itself is tapered rather than straight, making it more of a ‘stabber’ than a ‘slasher’. The leather-wrapped grip is made from two types of leather, one of sheep, the other of hellsheep (found in hell).
Obviously the finer points of any game based on this realm have to be fleshed out fully (and they will be in later posts), but it is clearly fertile ground. Unfortunately this view is not shared by one such game developer who shall remain nameless. Thanking me for my interest, they rejected my initial design document, citing a “general lack of detail”, and sort of blaming the impossibility of creating a game based at least 33% underwater (the merman realm is integral to the plot, and sadly water breathing spells simply do not exist in the lore. Christ, they managed to make it work in Sonic 2!). There was also a note from some obviously junior artist (or intern?), saying that the dimensions of the eye-Seer made it more likely a dagger. I think the Eye’seer knows what it’s talking about when it comes to dimensions, sir! I assume it’s a translation error from Canadian to English.

(Post Script: In my various descriptions of my theoretical game, you’ll see I always refer to the player as “he”. It has been a trend over the last decade or so to allow players of these games to be given the choice of a male or female protagonist. In my world however, it is strictly male-only. This isn’t sexist however, it’s simply that in my world women are either maids, kitchen workers, milkmaids or whores.)


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