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Giant’s Blade

Giant's Blade

This sword is huge, and very very sharp. It is actually probably made from stone, since giant’s are often blundering idiotic simpletons that rely on pure strength and size to survive. That also explains why this one is squint. Can you imagine a giant using ruler? Actually it is squint because the sheer weight of the blade (a cool 2 tonnes) has caused damage to the structural integriy- something which would have been accounted for had it been crafted by the master-smiths of the enlightened human race, (perhaps using an iron spine). Also, the idiot has inlaid the pommel within the grip, completely cancelling out any beneficial counterbalancing. The Pommel is shiny, because like most lesser intellects they like shiny things.

Giant’s don’t have a word for subtlely in their language, so what we get here is lots of sharp points, even on the crossguard. They don’t even use scabbards half the time so sheathing this weapon would almost definately cause some mild cutting to the hip bone for crissakes. The dark spot on the tip of the blade is not blood but rust because he didn’t take care of it properly. Plus it’s cold and wet there. The serrated edge is handy for sawing chunks of mammoth meat which they eat raw because they still haven’t discorverd fire.

Despite an almost complete lack of intellect, Giants are a formidable foe to the humans. This particular blade is a trophy taken by a group of human rangers high up in the giant’s homeland, RockTreeSnow (or Giants-land in the human tongue). Seeing a lone giant they ambushed it, but it took over 90 arrows and slew three of their number before finally succumbing to two axes in the thighs and knees.

The particular image is actually a statament on the barbarity of hunting in our own society, and the human hand holding aloft the trophy is not just for scale (despite what the scribbled note says), but also a statement about those photos you get of real-life hunters beside the corpses of giant alligators, bears, yeti or natives. Makes one ponder; who, exactly, are the real savages? (Humans)


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