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Barbarian Weapon

Barbarian Weapon

This blade has definately seem some action in it’s time! Where to start…

The crossguard is perhaps made of animal-horn; maybe some fantastic relative of the cow. This is to show that the sword belongs to a more savage people, as opposed to the refined steel of a knight’s blade. It’s two horn-points are stained with the blood of over a hundred thousand victims (I told you it had seem come action ;-p). The crossguard has two decorative double-lines of small metal studs inlaid to aid balance, and a slot in the centre. This is for an unspecified reason. Possibly to insert a magic crystal, thus increasing the blades power.

A classic wrapped-leather grip (again pointing to a cow as the source of the horns) is decorated by a wrap of a twine-like substance. Perhaps from a fair milk-maiden’s hair, or some favourite victim of the owners reaving. Perhaps it is simply to attach the blade to the barbarians fur armour to stop him losing it.

You can see that the blade was drawn in that style of drawing loads of tiny lines to make one big line. I’ve seen loads of artists do this to give a more ‘impressionistic’ impression of their subjects. Here, it just makes the blade look blunt. This is partially on purpose however as it helps give the the weapon the air of being used literally hundreds of thousands of times. It is a true barbarian blade, an essential tool. A simple weapon for a simple time. A killers blade.

Critics might point to the massive priceless gemstone pommel going against the idea that this a savages blade. But who knows, perhaps the owner found the stone. Or maybe he lived near a diamond mine. No one will ever know for sure. In a way, that makes me sad…


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