Welcome to the world of Shagina

Ornate Sword

Ornate Sword

This ornate weapon is possibly for decorative or ceremonial purposes. It is clearly very shiny, having not one but two ‘glints’ (top of the blade and from the crescent-lunar pommel). As both are on the left we can assume there is a light source in that direction. Possibly a ceremonial fire or a wizard doing a spell.

Some might argue that there is a lack of detail in the grip. I would counter-agrue that the grip is probably one piece of suede or light leather. As it is most likely a non-combat weapon it does not require the sturdy wrapped-leather often seen in my other works.

The nick on the top right side of the blade was caused when it was taken up in defence after some pillagers attacked the temple where it was held. Alas it did not protect the wielder, who got his or her guts cut out.

The crossguard has loads of gems in it.


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